Order Custom Metal Address Signs

No façade is truly complete without a custom metal address sign. It instantly gives your house identity and links it with your family. The sign gives your property a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, too.

Browse our pre-made designs to adorn your home’s façade. Our selection is made from high-quality metals and completed with a powder-coated finish. Weatherproof and rustproof, these address signs withstand the wind, sunrays, and rainfall. They’ll stay sleek, shiny, and legible for many years.

If you have a specific address design in mind, we’ll bring it to life. Get in touch with us for custom designs.



Are your metal signs reflective?

Our signs have a level of gloss but not as reflective as the mirrors in your home. Our custom street address signs come in two types of finishes: powder-coated black and polished stainless steel. Powder-coated black is a bit glossier than matte, but it’s not reflective. Polished stainless steel gives off more shine, but it’s still not highly reflective.

Can I get holes drilled in custom locations?

Yes. If you order any of our pre-made designs, you can have hanging holes drilled. When you have custom metal designs for address signs done, we’ll work with you to determine where the hanging holes will be placed.After all, each homeowner has a unique vision for their house.

Can I get my metal sign cut into a custom shape?

Yes, you can. Every home has a different architectural design, so homeowners would want a sign that complements the property’s overall look. Get in touch with our team so we can discuss the custom shape for your home address sign. Our design work is free.

Can I send you a picture of a person, animal, or object to be cut out of metal?

Yes, you can. We’ve worked with many homeowners who had their address signs patterned after things that are meaningful to them. Our team will happily make one for you, but the image has to follow certain size dimensions to cut out a clear design. Our team will explain this to you.

How long will the sign last?

Our address signs can last for a decade (or longer, if it is well-taken care of). They’re built to withstand the harsh natural elements.

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