Order a Custom Metal Monogram

Order a Custom Metal Monogram

There’s a reason the Royals have monograms — they’re timeless, elegant, and distinct. A monogram quickly distinguishes your house from the rest of the block and associates the building with your family or company.

Browse our pre-made designs for your metal monogram signs. These are weatherproof and rustproof, so they will stay stately for many years. They’re made from high-quality metals and come with a powder-coated finish. We also manufacture custom metal monogram signs if you have a specific design in mind. Get in touch for inquiries.


Are your metal signs reflective?

They give off a shine, but they are not as reflective as a mirror. Our metal monogram signs come in two types of coating: powder-coated black and polished stainless steel. Powder-coated black has more of a matte surface but still gives off a bit of gloss. On the other hand, polished stainless steel is shinier but not fully reflective.

How long will the metal monogram letter last?

Our monogram signs resist the outdoor elements. It will take 10 years before it starts to deteriorate (or longer if cleaned regularly). Our signs are made of quality stainless or carbon steel. It doesn’t warp or chip easily.

Can I get holes drilled in custom locations?

Yes, you can. You can add hanging holes to our pre-made designs. If you order a custom monogram letter, you can choose where to put the hanging holes. Get in touch with us for inquiries.

Can I get my monogram sign cut into a custom shape?

Yes, you can. Some home and business owners prefer customized monograms, like split letters or designs that incorporate an object.  If you have a specific monogram in mind, we’ll happily customize one for you, with the same choice of materials and finishes.

Can I send you a picture of a monogram design with a person, animal, or object?

Yes, you can. Our design work is free, so we’ll create a monogram design based on the image you sent. However, the photo has to be large and clear for us to craft a sharp monogram sign. Our team will explain the requirements during the consultation.

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